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Mailreef’s mailboxes rivals Google, Zoho, and Outlook. Automatically create domains,
mailboxes, SPF, DKIM and DMARC in a few clicks.


Discover how Mailgun Compares to Mailreef

If you’re scaling your cold email campaigns it’s enveitable that you’re creating multiple mailboxes.

Unlimited Free Inboxes
1 Click Mailbox Creation
1 Click Mailbox Purchases
Sending Limit
Automatic SPF, DKIM, DMARC Setup
Dedicated IP address
Allows For Cold Email?
API Mailbox Creation


Looking for Mailgun alternatives?

If you are looking for alternatives to Mailgun, you've come to the right place.

Transactional email software is difficult to properly utilize for cold email campaigns, which is why we built Mailreef. Find out for yourself why we have the best deliverability rates in the industry.


Looking for Mailgun alternatives?


Increase Email Visibility With Maximum Deliverability

Mailreef’s mailbox deliverability on average is comparable, if not better than Mailgun for cold email campaigns, meaning you hit the primary inbox of more recipients and thus result in a higher likelihood of more positive responses. Never worry about missed opportunities from your outreach again with the best deliverability in the industry for cold email outreach.


No Daily Sending or Mailbox Limits

While Mailgun limits its users sending activity per day, Mailreef mailboxes allow you to send to an unlimited number of recipients per day with no limitations. Create as many mailboxes as you need, when you need them, and never worry about hitting artificial limitations due to your email provider with Mailreef.


Full API Access & Zapier Integration

As you scale your cold email campaigns, you will want a systematic approach towards creating new mailboxes for campaigns. Save time and effort via our full API and Zapier integration to programmatically create brand new mailboxes within your own systems. Whether you are integrating email into your current automation or building out new automation from scratch, Mailreef has you covered.


Fast And Easy Domain Registration

Avoid the hassle of dealing with domain providers separately by buying your sender domains directly from our platform for your campaigns. Instantly purchase a fully configured domain for cold email outreach and get started on your outreach campaign within minutes. Launch your next email campaign within minutes using Mailreef.


Looking for Mailgun alternatives?

If you’re scaling your cold email campaigns it’s enveitable that you’re creating multiple mailboxes. Hundreds of hours are wasted created, monitoring and deleting mailboxes.

Advanced Email Marketing
Features For Cold Email

Unlike Mailgun, getting started with Mailreef is as simple as registering a new domain or connecting your existing domain, creating your mailboxes, and connecting them to any other marketing tool you need.

Designed For Cold Email

While most major email providers either discourage or outright block cold email activity with their users, Mailreef was designed from the ground up for cold email marketers specifically.

Industry-Leading Deliverability

Mailreef’s Mailbox deliverability on average is comparable, if not better than Mailgun for cold email campaigns, meaning more emails reach their intended destination.

Full SMTP/IMAP Capabilities

All Mailreef mailboxes have secure SMTP and IMAP connection credentials, making them compatible with the vast majority of email marketing tools on the market.

What customers say about us

"We made the switch to Mailreef after struggling with Google’s deliverability & pricing structure for years and saw a noticeable increase in our CTR."

Charles - Lead Gen Agency

"Mailreef is bloody awesome. For anyone performing cold email, Mailreef is an essential provider if you are looking for scale."

Jesse - Series A Startup

"Mailreef provided us the ability to scale our cold outreach effortlessly without costing us a fortune along the way. Mailreef allowed us to easily ramp up our outreach while lowering our overall costs"

Richard - Agency Owner

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